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                        Tempered anti glare glass
                        Category:Anti glare Glass
                        AG glass: full name is Anti Glare Glass, it can reduce lighting reflective(can <1%) and prevent glare. wildly be used as displayer glass, picture frame glass.
                        Thickness:1.1/1.5/2/3/4/5/6mm etc;
                        Size:1-100 inches;
                        Silk screen printing: 5 colors at most;
                        Transparency:87%,90%,93%(1 side AR coating),96%(2 sides AR coating);
                        Process technology:Cutting, polishing edge, CNC, drilling hole, tempering, silk screen printing, AG processing, AR/AF coating etc;
                        Application:displayer glass, , picture frame glass;
                        Packaging: 2 sides Pe protective filming+ kraft paper+ exported wooden case.
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