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                        Dongguan Jiameite Glass Co.,Ltd located in the world manufacturing center: Dongguan. We are focusing on designing, manufacturing, saleing: tempered glass, displayer glass, touch screen glass, silk screen printing glass, switch glass, anti reflective glass(high transmittance glass), anti glare glass, anti fingerprinting glass, electric equipment glass, led lighting glass etc. we have all process technology like: cutting, special-shaped cutting, polishing glass edge, drilling hole, CNC, tempering, silk screen printing, AG processing, AR and AF coating etc.

                        Our Company adhering the quality policy "scientific management, careful manufacture, high quality service, striving for excellence". We have established a comprehensive quality management system. Our company have more than 80 workers,26 glass machines contain: glass tempering furnace, glass polishing edge machine, silk screen printing machine, auto glass cutting machine etc. Monthly output is above 2 hundred thousands pieces glass. We have many customers in America, Europe, Asian etc. Look forward can cooperating with you!


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                        Address:Building 3, no.27,Lane 5,Dingsan, HouJie, Dongguan, Guangdong , China 523943

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